About Our Classes



Dynamic Classes

At Express-English we believe in using a very dynamic and interactive approach to teaching. We provide students with the tools they need in order to take their English to the next level.

Increase Confidence

With Express English, you will see a substantial increase in your confidence when speaking English in a public setting. Our native English-speaking professors will prepare you by engaging in real-life conversations, preparing you to use English regularly in both your personal and professional life.

Private Classes

Our policy for teaching has always been the same: One student, one teacher. Years of teaching and studying language has shown that the best way to improve your English is to work individually with a native English speaker in a private setting. This approach ensures consistent development by addressing errors and correcting them.

Fluency & 7 Focus Points

Our goal for each student is the same: Fluency. Our curriculum contains 7 main focus points. They are: English Listening, English Grammar, English Phrasal Verbs, English Speaking, English Writing, English Reading, and English Pronunciation.

In our Skype online English classes there is always one teacher and one student. Private classes have always been our policy at Express-English, because we believe it is necessary that each student receives individual, focused attention in order to become fluent.
We have one goal for all of our students: FLUENCY. With 2 or more hours per week of class with your teacher, you will become a more natural, confident, and successful English speaker.
Business English
The international business world is growing every day. Does your profession use English terminology? Are you considering applying for a job with a multinational organization? Whatever your reason may be, we’ll help you prepare you for every step of the journey; English Interview Preparation, Business Vocabulary, E-mail/Presentation Writing Skills, and Speaking Skills.
Enroll in our English Business Course.
English in the Modern World

We are living in an evolving technological society: The internet, social media, and smart phones have become a part of everyday life. Our English classes are designed for the modern professional; the current global economy has given new opportunities to people from all over the world, and Spoken English is the key to unlock your potential.


Skype, Youtube and other video channels provide us with the opportunity to easily access instructional videos, films, television programs, news programs, and other helpful media at the click of a button.  We will use these resources, as well as many others in our classes in order to improve your listening, pronunciation, comprehension, and vocabulary skills.

Test Preparation

Preparing to take an English Certification exam? Let us help. We can help to help you prepare for the TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, TOEIC, Bulats.