English Idioms: To be on the same page


Have you ever heard the phrase “to be on the same page (as somebody else)”?

This is an English idiom that I like to use with my students in our online English classes. Idioms like this are important for attaining fluency and advanced spoken English, especially when speaking English in a professional setting.

Here’s an example:  ”This morning I met with my boss to discuss the progress of the new project. I just wanted to make sure that we were both on the same page.”

This is a commonly used phrase in the United States that can be used to describe a situation where two people (or a group of people) have the same knowledge and information, and are in agreement about a certain plan or strategy. This can also represent the process of sharing new information, or ensuring that both parties clearly understand the other’s perspective in a professional setting.

Sometimes people say “We’re not on the same page.”, or “We have to get on the same page.” Also, it is possible to use the word “wavelength” instead of “page” in certain cases.

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