English Pronunciation Lesson: “Uh” vs. “Ooh”

Hey everybody! Today’s blog post is about English pronunciation, specifically related to sounds made with the letter “O.” As you can probably imagine, it is quite difficult to explain an English pronunciation lesson with a blog post, but don’t worry, there will be a video coming soon!

The two sounds that will be discussed today are “Uhh” and “Ooh.” The first sound, “Uh” comes from the bottom of our throats, and is a very short sound. This sound is used in the word “Good.”

The next sound, “Ooh” comes from inside of our mouths, and we can see our lips form an “O” if we look in the mirror while pronouncing these words.

Here are some words that use the sound “Uh” :

Good          Book         Wood         Would       Should       Could         Wool          Hood

Here are some words that use the sound “Ooh”:

Goul           Boot          Womb       Toot           Shoot          Coupe        Flute           Hoop


  1. Read all of the words on the first line
  2. Read all of the words on the second line
  3. Read one word from the first line, then one word from the second. (example. “Good, Goul”

This exercise will help you differentiate the sound of “Uh” and “Ooh.” If you practice this exercise two times every day, you will see a great improvement in your pronunciation of words with the vowel “O.”

When your learn English, so many students (and teachers) become very focused, sometimes even obsessed with Grammar rules.  English grammar is very important when speaking and learning a language, however we cannot underestimate the importance of Pronunciation. Good pronunciation will impress native speakers, even if your grammar isn’t great. One of the advantages of studying English online with Express-English, is that we can use the video to show the shape of our mouth when pronouncing certain sounds and working on these exercises. This is a great tool when trying to master English pronunciation.

One of the greatest challenges when working on pronunciation in English, is the pronunciation of vowels. In the Express-English online English course, we spend a lot of time working on pronunciation. In today’s blog post, we will focus on the pronunciation of words with the letter “O.” This letter produces many different sounds, depending on the spelling of the word. Two of the main sounds associated with this letter, don’t sound anything like the way that the letter “O” is actually pronounced.


Speak to you soon!

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