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English Vocabulary: Friends

Today we’re going to stay with the friends theme, discussing some common vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idioms that we use regarding friends and our relationships.

Best friend- This is the person that you would trust with your deepest secret. Maybe it’s not the person that you’ve known the longest, but it’s the person whom you feel the closest to. If they speak English, it’d be nice for you to tell them that they are your best friend!

Close friend- These are friends with whom you have a lot in common with, and you get along really well.

An acquaintance – Somebody that you have met a few times, sometimes through another friend, that you are familiar with, but you wouldn’t consider a friend.

Friend of a friend- This is a friend that you met through another friend!

Family friend- A friend that you have met through your family, or a family member.

Get along – Phrasal verb alert! To get along well with somebody, means that you really enjoy spending time together and that you always enjoy each other’s company. Of course, this can also be used for “Not getting along with somebody”, which means the opposite.

Here are some informal ways to say “Friend” – Buddy (Bud), dude, mate (in the UK and Australia), pal, bro. These words are used in conversations all the time!

Here is a classic song about friends entitled “Lean on Me” by the great Bill Withers. Enjoy!

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