Learn English Phrases: English Phrases using “Walk”

Learn English Phrases: English Phrases using “Walk”

Learn Common English Phrases: English Phrases and English Phrasal Verbs using “Walk”

English phrases and phrasal verbs are an absolute necessity when learning to speak the English language. Local phrases will help take your spoken English to the next level, and will help you sound like a native speaker.  You don’t want to learn English so that you can pass a test, you want to be able to speak English and communicate with people that you encounter both in your career, in your everyday life, and your travels.

Today’s FREE online English lesson will present some phrases using the word “walk.” Read through the following phrases and phrasal verbs, study them, and add them to your English vocabulary!

Phrasal Verb: “Walk around” – To walk around without any particular goal or destination. This phrase is used often when visiting a new city, a new part of town, or even a museum, to discuss the action of walking through the various parts of this location, without a specific plan.

Example: “Jen and I walked around the city for nearly 3 hours this afternoon.”

Phrasal Verb“Walk in” – To enter a place by means of walking, often a home or apartment. This can also be a synonym for “arrive” or “get home.”

Example: “I just walked in 5 minutes ago. Let me get changed and then we can talk about dinner.”

Phrasal Verb: “Walk into” – To accidently collide with something while you are walking. This can end up being very painful!

Example: “I walked into the corner of the table and now my knee is bruised.”

Phrase of the Day:  “A Walk in the Park” – An easy job, something that is not difficult at all to complete.

Example: “My creative writing class is a walk in the park. It’s definitely my easiest class.”

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