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What are your strengths in English? What do you need help with? At Express-English, we know that every student is different: that’s why we create a personalized curriculum for each and every student.  Our education team will work together with your teacher to create an effective plan that will help improve your English in the areas you need the most. Our online English courses with Skype use a dynamic and interactive teaching system, which guarantees rapid and visible progress.


Here’s a quick look into our curriculum

English Listening, English Grammar, English Phrasal Verbs, English Speaking, English Writing, English Reading, and English Pronunciation.

English Listening

With the convenience of the internet, there are numerous online video resources that we can use to work on English Listening. This is English for everyday, real life: news reports, speeches, television shows, movies, songs will all be used to improve English listening and comprehension skills.

English Grammar

For the grammar section, your teacher provide you with worksheets, textbooks, and exercises, which will be used to learn the general grammar use. After each lesson, you will receive several exercises to reinforce these concepts.

English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are one of the most important tools in the English language. This will be covered in nearly every class at Express-English, and is a necessary step in becoming an advanced English speaker. Phrasal verbs are what separate intermediate students from fluent speakers! Come on!